Learning PowerShell DSC Second Edition

The main goal of this book is to teach you how to configure, deploy and manage your system using the new features of PowerShell v5 DSC.This book will begin with the basics of PowerShell Desired State Configuration, covering the architecture and components of DSC.

It will familiarize you to the set of Windows PowerShell language extensions and new Windows PowerShell commands the comprise DSC. Then it will help you to create DSC custom resources and working with DSC configurations with the help of practical examples.

Finally it will describe how to deploy a configuration data using PowerShell DSC.Throughout this book we will be focusing on concepts such as building configurations with parameters, local configuration manager, testing and restoring configuration using PowerShell DSC.

from packt my book! showing book at puppetconf
Pictures of the book!

By the end of the book, you will be able to deploy a real world application end to end and will have better knowledge about the powerful Desired State Configuration platform, which helps you to achieve continuous delivery, and efficient management and easy deployment of data for systems.